Newborn Photography Safety

Newborn Infant Professional Photographer Woodbury MN

As cute as pictures of tiny babies sleeping in crates/baskets/etc are, it’s important to keep babies safe when photographing them. It’s newborn safety week so I thought I’d talk a little bit about the measures I take to keep babies safe when photographing them. If you’re a photographer out there wanting to start taking pictures of newborn babies, here are some of the things I do to keep newborns safe:

1. Always, ALWAYS have someone near the baby working as a spotter. In the baby portrait above, my assistant is just out of frame with her hand temporarily lifted off the baby’s back so I can take the photograph. After the shot, her hand goes right back on the baby. If you don’t work with an assistant, have mom or dad help you. They usually love getting involved.

2. Never do a newborn sitting if you are sick.

3. Keep hand sanitizer within reach during the newborn sitting.

4. Many popular newborn poses are actually photoshopped for the safety of the baby including the hands under the chin pose, any pose where the baby is hanging in a wrap, and the upright pose with the baby swaddled. I’m not going to go into the tricks for how to do each of those poses, but free instructions are just a google search away. I recommend practicing those techniques before trying them out on real life babies. Buy a doll and work out the logistics before your sitting.

Parents, if you’re looking for a photographer for newborn photos, please make sure your photographer’s number one priority is safety. It’s not worth risking the baby’s health for the sake of a cute photograph.

Child Portrait Photographer {Woodbury, MN}

Family and Child Portrait Photographer Woodbury MN

Let’s just say that I won’t be surprised if this girl ends up on Broadway or in the movies. She loved being in front of a camera getting her pictures taken and definitely knew how to ham it up during this family portrait sitting. That big grin could melt the stoniest of hearts.

Maternity and Pregnancy Portrait {Woodbury, MN}

Maternity Pregnancy and Newborn Photographer in Woodbury Minnesota

This maternity photo shoot was so much fun to photograph because the connection between this couple was playful and easygoing. There was a lot of goofing around. We were lucky we got the pictures taken though because we did portraits at about 8 months and their baby boy decided to come a bit early! I’ll post pictures of him and a few more of their maternity portraits soon :)

Professional Portraits {Woodbury, MN}

Professional Photographer Portraits in Woodbury Minnesota

I usually try to reschedule sittings when the weather is terrible, but Eric was coming down to the Twin Cities all the way from Grand Rapids, so we worked quickly and did his entire portrait sitting in 45 minutes before a massive thunderstorm moved in. It was a whirlwind of a photoshoot, but it was kind of fun to see how fast we could work. We ended up making some really great senior portraits so it was worth it!

Family Portraits {Woodbury, MN}

Family Photographer Professional Portraits in Woodbury Minnesota

It’s always fun to photograph slightly older siblings who really enjoy each other’s company and get along most of the time. This pair were making each other laugh the whole time which coincidentally makes taking natural looking portraits way easier. And of course, you just can’t beat portraits in September and October for beautiful nature backgrounds. The leaves were just starting to turn when we took this and the yellow plays brilliantly off the pinks and blues in their outfits.